Leasing and Sub Leasing

Retaj Real Estate offer leasing and sub Leasing service which starts sourcing a suitable property, negotiating the lease terms and assisting with the entire relocation process.

Be it for an individual or the relocation of an entire family, clients are always assured that we have good understanding of their key business requirements as well as their personal needs

Guarantees Risks Features

  • A fixed guaranteed rental value which is not affected by the real estate market fluctuations.
  • Receiving of guaranteed annual cheques from Retaj which enjoys the good reputation in the real estate market.
  • Insurance on the property for protecting against any possible risks.

Tenant Services

Retaj lifts all types of risks from the owner’s shoulders such as:
Fluctuation or collapse of the real estate market

  • Tracing tenants and chasing them through civil and legal procedures
  • Damages of the building due to ignoring necessary and essential maintenance or due to misuse

Guarantees Risks Features

  • Creating strategic permanent relations with the owners; ensuring continuity of joint cooperation in all current and future projects.
  • Realizing the added value of the property through continued improvement and best selection of tenants.
  • Safeguarding property through regular maintenance (corrective and preventive).
  • Cost reduction through saving salaries expenses of the property
    (Management- Marketing Legal matters – Collection- Cleanliness – Security – Maintenance)
  • Saving electricity and water expenses and the follow up of the security of meters of the tenants.

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