Frequently Asked Questions?

 Retaj Real Estate manages a variety of commercial and residential properties, in order to have the ability to meet all our clients’ needs.

Qatar has been rapidly growing in the recent years and the possibility of finding the perfect match for our clients has grown as well. Various areas in Doha and the nearby cities provide moderate cost accommodation as well as serviced apartments and offices units.

As per the government regulations for long-term rent contracts the following are needed:

  1. Residency permit
  2. Qatar ID / Passport
  3. Dated Cheques for the contract duration rent
  4. Security deposit of 1 month rent amount (as an undated cheque or in cash)
  5. Cash or cheque agency fee if applicable.

For commercial units:

  • Copy of company registration (CR)
  • Copy of establishment/Computer ID
  • Copy of ID, RP & passport of person signing the contract

Long-term contracts vary based on the residential or commercial property, from one to two years.
Short-term contracts durations may be applied to specific buildings and apply starting from 2 weeks and up to 6 months duration.

The commission is usually the equivalent of half a month’s rent for a one-year contract and one month for a two-year contract.

This is the tenant’s deposit towards the landlord or Retaj Real Estate as a managing partner, in the case of any damages to the property, its furnishings, unpaid bills, etc.

The amount is set to guarantee that upon leaving the premises, the landlord is able to cover any additional accidental cost

Water, electricity, internet and landline are considered property utilities.

In the case of not having the following utilities included in the lease agreement, you will be required to pay them per month or register for your own as follows:

Qatar Cool: for air conditioning and electricity bills in certain areas in Doha, where the charges are calculated per square meter

Kahramaa: for Water and Electricity bills

A deposit of 2,000 QAR is required.

Ooredoo/ Vodafone: are the two providers of TV, Internet and landline services, where the tenant will select his own package budget and instalment date.

Retaj Real Estate always takes the responsibility for the maintenance of the building units, our tenants enjoy full maintenance services and common area cleaning in all our properties.

Some might include security and helpdesk services as well.

As per the Qatar Law, such cases have been planned for and in the case of leaving the State of Qatar due to unfortunate or urgent circumstances, other urgent and unfortunate events defined in the contract, with the appropriate notification to Retaj Real Estate, contracts can be ended earlier.

Generally, each contract will state the exact amount chargeable in the case of not following the procedure of ending the contract as per mutual agreement.

As per Qatari Law, you should be a resident of the State of Qatar however, for short-term lease properties, the rules have been adapted to the tourist wave expected.

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